How to take care of leather shoes?

 Leather shoes are like a marriage: beautiful, expensive, but also built to last . . . unless you ignore them - Then they will fall apart long before their time. They will, however, last until death if adequately nurtured. It all boils down to how you treat your leather shoes. Some brands offer comprehensive kits that include the majority of the equipment you'll need for the long haul, but you can put together a solid one on your own. 

The good news is that caring for leather is relatively inexpensive. A good pair of leather shoes is the one fashion accessory that can single-handedly elevate any man's look. If you are looking to buy premium quality luxury men’s shoes with NASA-certified tech sports insoles, check out our collection right now! 

Leather can make any shoe look ten times more premium and luxurious, from loafers and oxfords to sneakers and mules. This statement is valid only if you properly take care for leather shoes. Leather is well-known for its durability and timeless appeal. However, it is also one of the most challenging materials to keep in good condition. But don't worry; we have made a list of the best ways to treat leather shoes.

6 tips for maintaining leather shoes

1) Avoid water damage

No matter what leather you have, it will not be naturally waterproof. All premium materials, including leather, are poisonous to water. Be sure to thoroughly dry your shoes after getting wet. Pat dry the shoes with a paper towel and place some inside the shoes to absorb the water.  Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight and avoid using harsh heat sources such as a hair dryer.

2) Dry-clean or lightly dampen

It is impossible to remove all dirt in order to properly protect leather shoes without using a little water for cleansing. Do not soak them in water, a damp wipe will suffice. Before you begin, make sure that all excess dirt has been removed with a shoe brush. Now, take an old, damp cloth and gently wipe your shoes. Depending on the situation, this may need to be done every day.

3) Moisturize and condition 

You've probably heard of leather conditioners and creams. These two products are crucial for maintaining leather shoes and keeping them moisturized. This keeps them from becoming too complex and cracking.

Apply your conditioner/cream to your shoes after they have been dry cleaned. To further protect your soles, you can purchase a conditioner. Apply the cream evenly with the brush and allow it to dry. Condition them every 6-12 months, depending on how frequently you use them.

4) Waterproof

Waterproofing is essential if you wear your leather shoes daily. There are numerous products available for treating and protecting leather shoes from water. 

Using wax once a year is sufficient if you want to maintain them. If you choose spray products, you may need to repeat the process monthly or seasonally, depending on how frequently you wear them.

5) Clean and polish

Finally, it would help if you polished the shoes to make them look as good as new. Polishing does not affect the lifespan of leather shoes. While it doesn't make the shoes look brand new, it does add a shine and a freshness to them. You can use any shoe polish for polishing and maintaining leather shoes.

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6) Store in a dust bag

Dust can accumulate in leather shoes over time, causing staining and degradation. If you aren't going to be wearing your shoes on a regular basis, keep them in a fabric dust bag to protect them while allowing them to breathe.

These six easy procedures will do the majority of the work for maintaining leather shoes, but there are more measures you can take, including having a cobbler revive your shoes, to increase their lifespan. But the bottom line is that taking care for leather shoes is something that must be done on a regular basis.  

As we previously stated, leather shoes are like marriages; if you ignore or neglect them, they will fall apart long before their time.  You'll be surprised at how much longer your shoes will last if you care for them properly. These tips for leather shoe care will undoubtedly assist you in preserving their quality!

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