Philadelphia Business Journal:

Walking the hills of Conshohocken on a near daily basis during his time at AmerisourceBergen, Andrew Crews found himself frustrated with his footwear. The dress shoes he relied on to not only look professional but function properly were repeatedly failing him. As worn-out pairs piled up in his closet, a thought nagged him: if the perfect dress shoe didn’t exist, could he create it?

More Than The Curve:

While AmerisourceBergen has a new shiny corporate headquarters on Fayette Street, it previously had a portion of its workforce in a building on Conshohocken’s riverfront. Walking pretty much anywhere from the riverfront involves a hill. Crews worked for AmerisourceBergen from 2018 to 2021.

Gadget Flow:

It feels like the shoe market is ravenous to sell the next best footwear. From high-end brand collaborations to multifunctional socks that you can wear outdoors, you might think you’ve seen it all.


Andrew Crews, a former strategic innovation architect at AmerisourceBergen, got an idea for his men’s shoe startup while walking the hills of Conshohocken, writes Lisa Dukart for The Business Journals.The dress shoes he wore to look professional kept failing him. He kept piling on worn-out pairs in his closet thinking there had to be a better option.

Trend Hunter:

Dress shoes are renowned for their style but can cause discomfort during long periods of wear, which is something Fibonacci Footwear is here to change. Featuring a full-grain leather design, the footwear boasts high-performance insoles with a compression rate of just 5% with regular wear. The use of NASA-certified technology highlights durability like never before, while fortified outsoles will further stave off wearing down with everyday use.


In these modern times, both dress shoes and sneakers seem to be the go-to choices for most men working in an office environment or in the business industry. While some business suits and tuxedos are manufactured with thin wool that allows for a cool and comfortable wearing experience all day long (especially during Summer), that’s not exactly the case with informal footwear.