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Our mission is to build durable, comfortable, and versatile footwear by combining innovative materials with modern classic design elements.

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We’ve built the perfect dress shoe that fits and functions like a sneaker. By combining state-of-the-art technology with a sleek professional design, we have developed the best in both style and active footwear.

The Fibonacci Vision

We strive to unlock value through innovative designs that allow our customers to look good and feel good without sacrificing on quality, comfort and reliability.

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by Andrew Crews / CEO
The Whys

Why start a shoe company? I worked in an office for over 20 years. To keep active, I would take walks during my breaks. Walking in bargain dress shoes is not ideal and the shoes tend to wear out very quickly. It was a must to acquire a shoe that could handle both the luxury appearance for the office and the wear & tear of the outside world. But the market simply didn't have an affordable option that fit my needs. This led me to the idea to create one for the world.

Why create this design? Finding a dress shoe that combined all the attributes for an active professional lifestyle was extremely challenging. I would always end up sacrificing on one aspect or another. It was time to design the worlds perfect dress shoes, shoes that fit and function like sneakers but still maintained a sleek appearance. These shoes must be versatile enough to wear with a suit, slacks and even jeans. They must also have quality durable materials, superior comfort, impact control, temperature regulation, flexibility, affordability and a quick break-in time. The time for sacrificing is over.

Why the name Fibonacci? There are several reasons why the name Fibonacci was chosen. For starters, I am a bit of a math nerd and always admired how the Fibonacci sequence makes a beautiful pattern. This pattern is found in nature and it reminds me of motion, like a wave crashing at sea. On the other hand, work life balance is essential for a happy life. It can be annoying to have to change your shoes before taking a walk or playing with your kids in the park after work. The name Fibonacci is a reminder to keep active and moving outside in nature.

Why the color green? The color green is associated with both money and nature. The color was used to symbolize the connection of "money & nature" with "working & walking". Our slogan is Made-to-Move, the green color is gentle reminder to get outside and touch some grass.

Designed in USA
NYC Designers

Our shoes are co-designed with footwear industry veterans, each with over 25 years of experience who have worked on top brand names such as New Balance, Timberland, Teva, Banana republic, Saucony and UGGs, just to name a few. Fibonacci provides a stylish and comfortable dress shoe that can be worn for any occasion.