How to take care of Suede shoes?

What are suede shoes?

In this blog, we'll explain how to take care of suede shoes, but first, let's quickly understand what exactly suede shoes are. 

Basically, suede (pronounced SWAYD) is a type of leather with a fuzzy, napped finish that is commonly used for jackets, shoes, fabrics, purses, furniture, and other items.  Suede is made from the underside of an animal's skin, which is softer and more pliable than the outer skin layer but not as durable. The term is derived from the French gants de Suède, which translates as "gloves from Sweden."

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Myths about cleaning suede shoes

    There are multiple techniques for cleaning suede shoes, but some myths about suede shoe care claim suede shoes are notoriously difficult to keep looking their best. However, don't be put off; whether it's a new pair or you need to refresh an old pair, we've created a definitive list of tools (because who doesn't love a list?!) for suede shoe care and protect suede shoes to ensure they remain in excellent condition for many more years of wear. Suede shoes are lovely to look at, but the problem is keeping them in good condition. We are all aware that suede and liquids do not mix well.

    Suede Tools

    1. Suede brush:

    A high-quality suede brush is one of the most crucial tools for suede boot care since it works wonders at removing hardened stains like mud. When your shoes are completely dry, use your suede brush to remove the muck and grime with light, little strokes.

    If required, brush the suede's nap, but always finish by brushing in the natural grain direction to preserve the material's sleek appearance.

    2. Suede eraser:

    A suede eraser is an efficient spot-cleaning tool for tough stains like watermarks, oil, and grease. Use a reasonable amount of pressure and rub the eraser on any markings.

    3. Suede cleaner:

    Using a suede cleaner is the next step if brushing and spot-cleaning your suede shoes haven't helped. To get rid of any stubborn stains, suede cleaning functions like shampoo. Brush your shoes down, wipe them with a slightly damp cloth, and then spritz your suede cleaner at least 20 cm away from the shoe's surface.  Once the substance has been thoroughly rubbed into your shoes, wipe them down again with a cloth. When your shoes are dry, brush them in the nap's direction to make sure it's smooth. Always avoid heating your suede shoes when washing them because doing so will harm the material. Always let the suede dry naturally before brushing it to maintain a flawless appearance.

    **Please take note that we advise testing any suede cleaner on a tiny area of the material first, letting it dry, and then applying it to the rest of the upper if everything goes as planned**

    Suede Tricks

    1. Treat liquid spills with talcum powder and corn meal.

    Water or any other liquid may occasionally spill on your priceless suede. Apply talcum powder or cornmeal to the affected region after cleaning the area with a cloth or towel. After letting the powder dry for the night, brush it off the next day with a suede brush.

    2. Treat dry stains with white vinegar. 

    Dirt stains that have dried out should be handled differently from liquid stains. For a quick cure, rub the dirt away with a kneaded eraser or an emery board. You may also wipe the stain with some white vinegar and a clean cloth. Continue until the stain is removed. This eliminates water and salt stains.

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    How to protect suede shoes?

    How can you prevent further harm to suede shoes now that you know how to clean them? There are a few quick and easy techniques to protect suede shoes from damage.

    1. Suede Protector 

    Preventing the daily wear and tear that suede shoes will experience by covering the uppers with a premium suede protector is the best method to protect them. When you buy a new pair of suede shoes, spray them with a protective waterproof coating before wearing them outside. 

    This will serve as a shield against mud, splashes from puddles, and rain. It will also help keep the color from fading and lessen the likelihood of stains.

    **Please note that we advise testing a suede protector on a tiny area of suede first, letting it dry, and then applying it to the rest of the upper if everything goes as planned.**

    2. Avoid wet weather 

    You might think, "how to care for suede shoes in wet weather." The best method to prevent stains on your suede boots and shoes is to avoid wearing them on days when you are likely to come into contact with damp weather conditions like rain and snow, even if suede has a seasonal aesthetic and pairs beautifully with autumn and winter clothing.

    3. Use shoe trees

    Put shoe trees snugly inside your shoes as soon as you take them off to help keep their form and stop the suede from wrinkling. Cedar-based wooden shoe trees will also aid in removing sweat odor and soaking up any remaining moisture in the suede.

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    How to store suede shoes 

    Knowing how to store your suede shoes is the final step in caring for them, and there are a few guiding principles to follow:

    1. To prevent fading, keep them out of the sun at all times.

    2. Spare them from radiators and other sources of heat.

    3. If they get wet, let them dry naturally, and use shoe trees to keep their form.

    So this was your complete guide to suede shoe care. This should be helpful for when you buy a new suede chukka boots from Fibonacci footwear. Get Premium Suede, sport insoles and NASA temperature regulating material chukka boots for men at Fibonacci footwear.

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