How to clean suede shoes?

Suede footwear is a wardrobe staple in cooler weather, providing stylish comfort and warmth. Unfortunately, the velvety nap that gives suede its soft, fuzzy texture also makes it prone to moisture, dirt, and oil stains. Suede shoes and boots are considered luxury shoes for men and can accumulate dirt, scuffs, water spots, salt marks, and other grime over time, especially if worn in inclement weather. 

What we don't like is when they get dirty and need to be cleaned. You could be forgiven for thinking your filthy suedes are a lost cause.  Besides, how is it possible to clean something you cannot even get wet? But don't worry, there is a way to clean suede shoes and save them from all kinds of dirt.

Cleaning suede shoes might sound hard, but it's effortless and can be done with household items, so you don't need fancy equipment. As long as you have the basic supplies, you'll be able to restore your suede shoes to like-new condition. The effectiveness of this method will astonish you.

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Here are four simple steps for cleaning suede shoes quickly and effectively

  1. Begin by removing excess dirt and grit from the shoe's surface with a suede brush.

  2. Then, using a rubber/eraser, try to shift the remaining marks.

  3. If a stain persists, try white vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

  4. Finally, apply a suede protector.


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What to use to clean suede shoes?

  1. A suede brush or nail brush could also work as a suede brush alternative.

  2. White vinegar or suede cleaner 

  3. A microfiber, flannel or face cloth

  4. Magic eraser or a Rubber eraser

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Step by Step Process of cleaning suede shoes 

  • Begin by removing excess dirt and grit from the shoe's surface with a suede brush.

Use a fresh toothbrush or nail brush in place of a suede brush if you don't have one. Begin by brushing the shoe's surface with light strokes to remove loose particles and grit. Brush with the grain whenever possible (AKA, in the same direction the suede naturally sits).

For more stubborn marks, such as scuff marks, apply more pressure and move the brush back and forth quickly to help raise flattened suede fibers and aid in cleaning.

  • Then, using a rubber/eraser, try to shift the remaining marks.

Even though a suede rubber would be preferable, standard pencil-case rubber would still function admirably provided that the rubber has first been rubbed free of any stains that may have already been there. 

Consider this a slightly more stringent method of removing scuff marks by applying consistent back and forth pressure to help loosen any extra particles. 

If, after some time, you still feel it isn't working, don't press too hard because doing so could harm the suede and the shoe.

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  • If a stain persists, try white vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

While using liquids like white vinegar and rubbing alcohol may seem counter-intuitive, their acidic makeup makes them excellent for dissolving particle clumps, which is precisely what you want for cleaning. While dipping the corner of your flannel into vinegar or rubbing alcohol before massaging it into the suede, be careful not to soak the whole cloth. The idea is to dampen the suede rather than saturate it.

To successfully remove the stain, keep working at the mark and repeat applications of vinegar or alcohol as necessary. The secret to this phase is patience and repetition. Even though both liquids have distinct odors, these will disappear with time.

NOTEVinegar and alcohol will briefly dampen the suede, changing the material's color before evaporating and restoring the suede's color to its natural state. You might need to apply more than one application before seeing if the stain has been eliminated.

  • Finally, apply a suede protector.

    The adage "prevention is better than cure" is undeniably true when it comes to suede shoes. However, not all suede protectors are created equal. If you intend to use one, choose a protector based on consumer ratings and reviews if you intend to use one to prevent permanent color changes.

    So this was a list of ways on what to use to clean suede shoes, and its process, and some notes to remember while cleaning suede shoes.  If you want to purchase men's chukka boots with NASA temperature-regulating technology, Fibonacci Footwear is the right choice.