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Men's Abbaci Chukka (Chocolate)

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Our Men's Chukka Boots are built to last with a premium cowhide suede upper, a custom midsole/outsole for flexibility and an interior constructed with outlast on the vamp, calfskin leather quarters and a suede heel cup.

Men's Chocolate Chukka Boots Feature

  • Premium cowhide suede 
  • Temperature regulating material
  • High-performance sport insoles
  • Thin custom midsole/outsole
  • Premium interior construction
  • High ankle support
  • *INCLUDES: Metal shoehorn*
    NOTE: If you are between sizes round up a half size!
    Widths = Regular / Size D

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    Brown Chukka Boots
    Whether you're a true shoe fanatic or just enjoy wearing beautiful shoes occasionally, you've undoubtedly noticed the upgraded design features of our chukka boot.

    What exactly are chukka boots?
    Chukka Boots are a closet essential. Ankle-length boots that resemble Chelsea boots but often have only two or three sets of eyelets. They look fantastic with a button-down, polo, or sweater and dark denim, slacks or chinos. When you want the comfort of sneakers but need a more elegant look choose our chukka boots for a casual style that is both fashionable and comfy. They can be worn with khakis and a sport coat or blazer and are appropriate as you move up to business casual. Fibonacci shoes are the best for long walks. Our chocolate suede chukka boots last longer than your standard chukka boots because of the high quality of the materials used and the custom reinforced outsoles.

    In any case, brown suede chukka boots are a timeless option for both workplace wear and date night. And who knows maybe your date turns into a lengthy walk on a lovely night, and that's when you'll be thankful you chose Fibonacci chocolate brown chukka boots, which are quite comfy.

    What makes Fibonacci footwear stand out from others?

    1) Premium cowhide suede
    Our chocolate brown chukka boots are made with the highest-quality materials. Constructed with premium suede upper and custom configured interior these shoes are built for all-day comfort. Are these shoes durable? Durable shoes are a must. Fibonacci shoes are extremely durable because the uppers are made of the best leathers and suede and the outsoles have been reinforced to last longer.

    2) Premium interior construction
    Our interiors are lined with a premium calfskin leather, a suede heal cup, and our specialty temperature regulating material

    3) Temperature regulating material
    Keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our chocolate brown chukka boots are made with NASA temperature-regulating material which is added to the front of the foot. This material also provides cushion to the foot and give the foot a hug like a sneaker.

    4) High-performance sport insoles
    We custom designed high-performance inserts providing impact control and breathability. Unlike traditional insole, our compressing is less than 5% over time. The cushioning and fit never change, providing maximum comfort every time you put on your shoes. These insoles are 95% breathable, allowing air to circulate in and around the inside of the shoe, this keeps the foot cooler and more comfortable. The inserts are also easily removable which makes our shoes perfect for anyone who wears orthotics.

    5) Specialty silicone layer
    Each Fibonacci shoe has a specialty silicone layer between the upper and midsole to protect the foot again impact and foot pain. This material has been custom molded to the design and shape of the Fibonacci shoes.

    6) Thin custom midsole
    The thin custom midsole is lightweight and gives the shoe an elegant and more professional look. It also provides an extra level of cushion and flexibility over a leather sole.

    7) Reinforced custom outsole
    The Fibonacci chocolate brown suede chukka boots have custom flexible outsoles have been reinforced with a carbon composite for durability and longer lasting wear making Fibonacci chukka boots extremely comfortable and ideal for long-distance walking. So, from inside the office to outside in the park, Fibonacci takes you from A to B and no matter the occasion.

    8) Blockchain technology
    Fibonacci footwear has also digitized all the chukka boots onto the blockchain. Each pair receives a unique VeChain Smart Tag adhered to the tongue. A VeChain Smart Tag is attached to each pair, establishing a link between the physical object and each customer's unique blockchain identification. Each separate digital identity enables traceability throughout the product's lifecycle, from product creation to user participation on the blockchain. You can verify your product information by scanning the Smart Tag with any smartphone to confirm that the product was indeed manufactured by Fibonacci Footwear, this reduces counterfeit issues and helps track our product through the supply chain ensuring a timely delivery to you.

    9) Shoehorn
    Each pair of Fibonacci shoes come with a high-quality metal shoe horn that will last you for many years.

    Unrivaled Value
    We're all about comfort!

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    Innovative Design

    We've built the perfect dress shoe to fit and function like a sneaker. By combining state-of-the-art technology with a sleek professional design, we have developed the best in both style and active footwear.